Railway technology


SOBAtec GmbH provides services in the field of the industrial maintenance of traction units and carriages with a portfolio that ranges from the development and manufacture of customised resources through to the layout and equipment of railway depots.


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In addition, SOBAtec GmbH undertakes to maintain, service and upgrade existing systems. SOBAtec GmbH has supplied components for the modernisation of the ICE and railway depots between Hamburg and Munich for a wide variety of Intercity and railcar trains.


Decades of practical cooperation with various owners of railway depots and in-depth knowledge of the sector allow SOBAtec GmbH to implement optimum solutions that guarantee excellent value for money.



Contact partner for railway technology / industrial technology:


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ralph-Rainer Woko

+49 (0) 3578 / 3747 - 55



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