Conveying systems



SOBAtec develops, manufactures, installs and maintains conveying systems for vehicle construction, in-company transportation and an increasing number of other lines of industry.


Thanks to the designers' extensive practical experience, special semi-standardised approaches and the use of modular components, our conveying systems are reliable, sturdy and also give our customers excellent value for money.

Hauling system for bucket chains with grab

Location: Vattenfall Europe AG – Spremberg (Schwarze Pumpe)






  • Compact design




  • To haul in a bucket chain with grab for refurbishing, repairing and replacing the grab




  • Guideway including a geared motor on either side, pinion and toothed rack

QLFA 15 rail conveying system

Location: Deutsche Bahn AG, Oberbaustoffe Schwandorf (Bavaria)


Schienentransportanlage     Messgleis Basel




  • The transverse and longitudinal conveying system for railway rails is used to store and transport Vignole rails such as UIC 60, S54, S49, etc. longer than 3 m over defined distances.




  • The QLFA 15 comprises a transverse and longitudinal conveyor with or without mechanical lifting device and
  • is driven by an electric motor.

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