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SOBAtec GmbH manufactures a wide variety of components and special parts for rail vehicle engineering. This small selection provides an overview of SOBAtec's manufacturing range.

Mobile roofed platform

Location: Deutsche Bahn AG, maintenance depot in Cottbus


Überdachung Schiebebühne    Überdachung Schiebebühne





  • Steel frame structure screwed to running gear.




  • To transport blasted and painted vehicles irrespective of the weather conditions.




  • The mobile platform is positioned and fixed. The roof and side panels are motor-driven. They are extended and positioned by a PLC control with sensors.
  • The operator can monitor the system on a screen via cameras.


Special parts for rail vehicles and trains


Dreh- und Frästeile
Turned and milled parts
Connecting beams
Guide rails for ICE roller blinds
ICE wiper shaft


A small selection of various components and special parts for rail vehicle engineering provides an overview of SOBAtec's manufacturing range.


Measurement track

Location: Deutsche Bahn AG, depots in Frankfurt a. M., Basle


Messgleis Frankfurt a. M.     Messgleis Basel




  • To measure train units.




  • The measurement track sections are supplied at the desired lengths and designed to meet the requirements of DIN 27202-10.
  • The measurement tracks are manufactured to the corresponding tolerances without inclination and deflection.
  • The track fastening can be adjusted.
  • Depending on the design, the track is either laid on statically approved support structures or embedded in concrete.
  • Furthermore, the tracks are cut obliquely at the transfer points and the media supplies and lighting rows are either adjusted or newly installed.
  • Calibration is organised and performed by SOBAtec in cooperation with the calibration and testing office of Deutsche Bahn AG.


QLFA 15 rail conveying system

Function: Deutsche Bahn AG, Oberbaustoffe Schwandorf (Bavaria)


Schienentransportanlage     Messgleis Basel




  • The transverse and longitudinal conveying system for railway rails is used to store and transport Vignole rails such as UIC 60, S54, S49, etc. longer than 3 m over defined distances.




  • The QLFA 15 comprises a transverse and longitudinal conveyor with or without mechanical lifting device and
  • is driven by an electric motor.

Transverse and longitudinal conveying system
for railway rails (QL FSA 70)

Location: DB Bahnbaugruppe, depot in Königsborn


Transverse and longitudinal conveying system for railway rails (QL FSA 70)   




  • Modular design
  • Galvanised steel structure




  • To mechanically convey railway rails in a transverse or longitudinal direction
  • To cut railway rails with a laser distance measuring system
  • To place the cut rail sections in the made-to-order store
  • To provide an elevated intermediate store for more efficient loading




  • Driven by an electric motor
  • Railway rails up to a length of 60 m and a weight of 70 kg/m
  • Feeding of individual rails from the daily store to the saw
  • Length measurement based on the laser distance method

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