SOBAtec GmbH is currently developing a bogie load test rig of the latest generation in a modular design with many innovative features.


Type: DG DP - 2 - 250


                     DG DP - 2 - 250


Technical data:


  • Distance of wheelsets in the same frame: 1,000 – 3,000 mm
  • Wheelset diameter: 500 – 1,300 mm
  • Wheel flange height: 26 – 38 mm
  • Tyre width: 130 – 150 mm
  • Bogie height above the upper rail edge: 700 – 1,500 mm
  • Bogie length: up to 4,600 mm
  • Bogie width: up to 3,600 mm


Innovative features:


  • Automatic alignment of the bogie
  • he hydraulic/electrical test cylinders have an infinitely variable pressure controller with        an integrated distance measurement system.
  • Automatic horizontal adjustment of the test cylinders to ≤ 0.3 mm
  • Self-adjusting wheel contact area measurement under the test load for a vertical        application of force without additional running gear movement
  • Determination and adjustment of the spring height
  • Testing of the air piping systems and brake cylinders in the bogie for leaks
  • 3D measurement under the test load (measuring accuracy ≤ 0.2 (0.3) mm):

      a)   distance of the inner wheel faces

      b)   wheel base and parallelism of the wheels of all wheelsets installed in        the same running gear frame

      c)    fitting height of the secondary spring

      d)    dimensions specified in the measurement sheets of the bogie types and        variants such as bogie frame height, distance between transverse stops        and bumpers, distance of wheelset guidance, etc.





The associated software visualises the load-applied condition on monitors. The values measured by the measurement system, i.e. wheel base, parallelism of the wheels and height of the secondary spring above the upper rail edge, are displayed on the monitor in the correct position (24" control monitor). A second monitor (42" process monitor) is used to monitor the 3D data during the scanning process.


The measurement system has an interface to the process computer to transmit the obtained data directly to the control computer via the internet.


The software allows free programming; this means that bogie types can be subsequently added and removed by the user during practical use.

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